Choosing to start martial arts is possibly one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Regardless of your reasons for picking up martial arts, chances are, you’ll probably get more than what you’ve bargained for. If you still hesitant here are 5 benefits of Muay Thai that will definitely convince you to give it a shot.

 # 1.Stress Relief

5 Totally Awesome Muay Thai Benefits

You might think sparring would actually increase your anxiety, but fighting can actually be calming once you get going. “There’s minimal time to think in sparring because you’re constantly reacting to your opponent’s every move,” Muay Thai trainer Raquel Harris says.

# 2.Lose weight and burn body fat

5 Totally Awesome Muay Thai Benefits

Both men and women keep asking the same question, “Will Muay Thai help me lose weight?”

Martial arts is one of the best ways to lose or burn body fat without realizing it. You’ll be so focused on learning techniques that losing weight will seem like a bonus.

# 3.Increased self-confidence.

5 Totally Awesome Muay Thai Benefits

Scientific studies in sports psychology and medicine clearly show a link between physical exercise and self-confidence.  Thai boxing is a demanding sport, so making it here will reflect positively on you in real life as well as your local gym.

# 4.Muay Thai Is an Intense Cardio Workout

5 Totally Awesome Muay Thai Benefits

The cardio is intense. When personal trainer Dan Roberts trained in Thailand, his teacher would make him do 500 kicks against a bag before his lesson would even begin.

# 5.Get into the best shape ever

5 Totally Awesome Muay Thai Benefits

When you practice martial arts, pushing yourself to the limit is part of the norm. Having this attitude encourages you to work hard, which in turn pays off not only mentally but physically as well.

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