Are you looking for the best  MARTIAL ARTS schools in Seattle? We have done the research for you and searched through multiple review websites to identify the best martial arts school in Seattle that the local martial arts community is raving about. Here is a list of the best10 martial arts schools for you to practice in no particular order with details about their pricing.

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Combat Arts Academy of Seattle In Cottage Grove

Image Credit: Combat Arts Academy of Seattle

Located in Cottage Grove; combat arts academy of Seattle was 2012 established in to offer something for everyone, for all the ages, and all skills. The school is formerly known as Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of Seattle, but it does not only specialize in BJJ, it is also specialized in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Combat Sports, Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Kids Programs, and After School Programs. Whether you are a seasoned Jiu-Jitsu competitor, mixed martial arts enthusiast, a child in need of a creative outlet or a stay home parent looking for a way to stay fit; CAA helps you to reach your goals.

Reasons why people love Combat Arts Academy:

  • Sonia, the owner, is involved in every aspect of the school. She built a supportive community and empowered a great knowledgeable team of coaches around her.
  • The School has an amazing welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.

What people say about Combat Arts Academy of Seattle

50+ Classes/Week

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy In Atlantic

Image from Yelp

International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy was established in 2012 in Atlantic Seattle, the academy was officially founded in 2006 by Master Chang, Wu Na and Dr. Lu, Mei-Tlul to share Wudang martial arts and culture.
The academy has two main paths of application, which are internal and external.
– The Internal techniques are used to discover and foster a healthier mind, body, tough lifestyle.
– The external techniques are used for self-defense and fighting.

Reasons why people love International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy:

  • Training under Master Chang and Master Lu will not only teach you the techniques of Wudang Martial Arts, but it will also teach how to approach obstacles in life.
  • The students are so helpful and encouraging, they are always ready to support you and that what creates a community that feels like home.

What people say about International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy

20+ Classes/Week

2 Instructors

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Seattle Close Range Tactics In Fremont

Image from Yelp

Seattle Close Range Tactics is a system based on Wing Chun Kung Fu. The school opened its doors in 2006 by Sifo Cory Walken, who has trained Wing Chun Kung Fu for over 13 years, to help students develop speed and adaptability through an effective system of tactics.
Seattle CRT provides students with applicable effective tactics and martial arts training for real-world situations.

Reasons why people love Seattle CRT:

  • Everyone in the school is super nice, friendly, open, and willing to help, teach, and learn.
  • The new students get plenty of attention and instructions to make sure they are on the right paths.
  • The school teaches you useful self-defense skills to protect yourself in your daily life.

What people say about Seattle Close Range Tactics

10- Classes/Week

6 Instructors

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Greenlake Martial Arts In Greenlake

Image Credit: Greenlake Martial Arts

This is a Seattle born martial arts School, officially started in 1980 by Sijo John N Beall. Greenlake Martial Arts is the primer self-defense martial arts school in Seattle for more than three decades. The school was officially started in 1980 by Dijo john N Beall designed with a beautiful useful self-defense system that is based on martial arts to help you protect yourself from the real world threats.

Reasons why people love Greenlake Martial Arts:

  • The instructors are incredible, approachable, knowledgable, and always willing to help.
  • The students are super friendly, supportive, and open to teach the newbies what they learn.

What people say about Greenlake Martial Arts

20+ Classes/Week

5 Instructors

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Alpha Martial Arts In Capitol Hill, Ballard & University District

Image Credit: Alpha Martial Arts

Alpha Martial Arts is a family Karate school established in 2001and is located in Capitol Hill, Ballard, and Bryant neighborhoods.
This is a Black Belt School teaching life skills through blocking, punching and kicking that helps to develop students who are not only physically fit and can defend themselves, but who are outstanding members of the community.

Reasons why people love Alpha Martial Arts:

  • The owner and Head Instructor Silnas Nass is the best, Mr. Nass and all the instructors keep the classes motivated and full of energy and they are always supportive and encouraging.
  • The community is beautiful, welcoming, and helpful.

What people say about Alpha Martial Arts

30+ Classes/Week

12 Instructors


Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Seattle Integrated Martial Arts In Fairmount Park

Image from Yelp

Located in Fairmount Park, Seattle Integrated Martial Arts opened its doors in the fall of 2009. The school role is to create an environment that cultivates personal growth, physical and mental fitness, body awareness, and a strong sense of community. Seattle IMA will help you to develop your skills and abilities.

Reasons why People love Seattle Integrated Martial Arts:

  • Bob Heineman, the owner is very talented and knowledgeable across all the arts.
  • The school helps you to explore the path that is the best for you and guides you along with it. Seattle IMA has it all, fun and hard work, furthering knowledge, and a positive community.
  • The classes price is reasonable for all the knowledge and experience you gain.

What people say about Seattle Integrated Martial Arts

30+ Classes/Week

10 Instructors

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts In Bryant

Image from Yelp

Located in Bryant neighborhood, Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts dedicated to provide high-level restriction for everyone who walked through their door no matter of the age or body abilities, at MAt Chess MMA everyone gets the attention needed for a great result. The school create a friendly training environment where you won’t only be supported but also challenged.

Reasons why people love Mat Chess MMA:

  • The School facility is always clean and well organized.
  • The owner and the instructors are well knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Andrew and Sean and great with kids, they give them what they exactly need.

What people say about Mat Chess Mixed Martial Arts

20+ Classes/Week

3 Instructors


Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Emerald City Aikido In Capitol Hill

Image from Yelp

Located in Capitol Hill, Emerald City Aikido was founded in August 1991 by Sensei Joanne Veneziano. The school offers you a variety of classes for both children and adults.
Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba, it is practiced by people of all ages and abilities. The Aikido teaches you to respond rather react, lend the opposition to achieve the best results, effectively with opposing views, criticism authority, and finally to stay present in the stressful station.

Reasons why people love Emerald City Aikido:

  • Sensei Joanne and the team of instructors are so professional and knowledgeable, they are more interested in teaching the art, not making money.
  • The children classes are too much fun, but at the same time helps the kids to learn patience, the discipline of the mind and the body, respect, and the art of ancient practice.

What people say about Emerald City Aikido

10- Classes/Week

10 Instructors

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Seattle Asian Medicine & Martial Arts In Central District

Image from Yelp
seattle-asian-medicine-and-martial-arts -logo-SFG

Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts was established in 2012 by two successful alternative medicine clinics combined to create a beautiful community that leads you to a happier, healthier and more balanced life. SAMMA doesn’t only offer you martial arts training it also offers traditional Chinese herbal medicine, tui na, therapeutic bodywork, and healing qi gong and tai chi.

Reasons why people love Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts:

  • The school is a great mixture of a serious training facility with expert instructors, a professional health clinic, and a welcoming community.
  • All the martial art classes are formed in a useful way for real life.
  • All the instructors are motivational and very aware of the variety of backgrounds and different levels of each student.

What people say about Seattle Asian Medicine & Martial Arts

20+ Classes/Week

5 Instructors

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu In Central District

Image from Yelp

Seven star women’s Kung Fu is a nonprofit martial arts school established in 1981 and located in Central District Seattle. The school provides best instructors in Kajukenbo and Self-defense, embraces gender diversity and welcome all the individuals who identify as women aged than 13. The school offers free childcare, ASL interpreting device on a sliding scale, scholarships, and work-study to enable the students to train.

Reasons why people love Seven star women’s Kung Fu:

  • The students and instructors create a beautiful, welcoming, and supportive community.
  • The school won’t only teach you skills but also boost your confidence, teach you to think of yourself and as worth defending, and increase your physical strength, and give you endless tools for personal growth.

What people say about Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu

10- Classes/Week

Please contact the studio directly for pricing.

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