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Posted 3 years ago

For 7 years now, Rocket CrossFit ( has been serving up sweaty awesomeness in our tiny gym in Hillman City. With well-over 200 members, we’re a big crazy family bound with sweat, laughter and unwavering inclusiveness. We have both members and coaches who have been with us since the beginning, so it’s not often that we have to hire…. But we do. We’re losing one of our primary coaches to PT school, and while we’re excited for her, she’s leaving behind some metaphorically big shoes.

Can you fill them? We’re looking for someone with experience and knowledge. You’ll be coaching people who have been with us for years, and still want to learn more. You’ll be coaching people of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be coaching people who are serious competitors, and also who truly DGAF and are just glad they’re not on the couch.

We are widely known for our body-positive, gender-free and generally inclusive community. (Like, really widely known: If rainbows and Black Lives Matter signs bother you, we’re not the gym for you. BUT, we strive to be militant about the minutia of form and technique. Every moment of every class is coached, from warm-up to WOD, and lots of lifting. So we’re really looking for someone with a good eye, and the experience to point out the details, to keep everyone safe and get them stronger.

We obviously love CrossFit, but we’re not maniacally monogamous about it. We love coaches who bring other expertise to the mix. Yoga? Powerlifting? Gymnastics? Circus? Weightlifting? Other trainings and certs? The more the merrier. CrossFit L1 required, L2 loved, but any other awesomeness you bring is great.

Although we’re just looking for a CrossFit coach right now, it’s worth noting that we do have a kids program, yoga classes and Oly area, so the gym is always hopping.

We need someone for 3-4 shifts a week (4 or 5 hour shifts.) You are paid for all of your time, none of this “working off a membership” or “just for the hour you have to coach the class, not the time before and after” nonsense. (W2 employees, no 1099 tomfoolery.) Competitive salary, continuing education benefits, paid time off. You can also do personal training and private classes on your own to build a bigger business for yourself. We’ll need to have someone starting by the first week in October, but hope to intern you and get you really comfortable with our community prior to that.

Super fun environment. Obviously, the greatest bosses ever. No, really, we love it there, if you think you would too, get in touch. Email us and let’s chat. Maybe even workout.

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