Are you looking for the best Pilates studio in Seattle? We have done the research for you and searched through multiple review websites to identify the best Pilates studios in Seattle that the local Pilates community is raving about. Here is a list of the best10 Pilates studios for you to practice in no particular order with details about their pricing. Get ready to make your body strong and flexible, Pilates is for life, not just for a January.

(last updated on Mar 2019)

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TRIBE Fitness in Capitol Hill

Photo from Yelp

TRIBE Fitness started in 2016 by Alan Brown who put all his experience to make TRIBE one of the best Pilates studios in Seattle, The studio offers you a variety of classes for the health-conscious, community-minded Seattleite. 50-minute classes are taught by certified instructors who are the best in the city. TRIBE Fitness is an all-are-welcome studio that offers custom-designed classes to help you achieve your strongest, healthiest body possible. At TRIBE, you will increase lean muscle, strengthen your core, build stamina, lose weight, improve flexibility, and increase your range of motion. TRIBE offers you a wide variety of classes – from Power Reformer, Strong and Lean, to Pilates Yoga, and everything in between.

Reasons why people love TRIBE Fitness :

  • The studio is a beautiful, clean, well-organized studio with a small group of classes.
  • The instructors are educated, lovely, talented, and encouraging.
  • Everything about this community is great. Space, people, environment, smiles all around, challenging workouts and the never-ending flow of energy, support, and challenging.
What people say about TRIBE Fitness:

100+ Classes/Week

15 Instructors

Intro Offer


unlimited month

Monthly Unlimited


10 Class Pass


Inspire in Queen Anne, Ballard and Admiral

Photo from Yelp

The first Inspire studio opened in 2010 by Sue Hahm who found herself in Lagree Fitness.
By creating healthier and happier lives through a unique approach to fitness and wellbeing.  Inspire aims to form a strong connection between the physical, mental, and spiritual because we know the power that the connection holds.

Reasons why people love Inspire:

  • The studio is clean, well organized and everything to the point.
  • The instructors are well informed, kind, helpful and they love what they’re doing.
  • The classes are small enough for the instructors to pay individual attention.
What people say about Inspire:

100+ Classes/Week

12 Instructors

Intro Offer


unlimited month

Monthly Unlimited


10 Class Pass


Nancy Wallace Pilates in Bellevue

Photo from Yelp

Nancy Wallace Pilates was the first certified Authentic Pilates studio in Bellevue, Washington in 2008. The Studio believes in this discipline of the body and exercise. The style of Pilates taught there is a refinement of traditional Pilates combined with their technique, skill, and teaching approach to refine the application of Pilates for all body types. Clients continue to count on Nancy Wallace Pilates for quality exercise, a positive and nurturing environment and attentive but challenging exercise that gets results. If you are looking for a classic pilates this is the right studio.

Reasons Why people love Nancy Wallace Pilates:

  • The studio is light, airy, clean and comfortable with great equipment.
  • The instructors are classically trained and have been practicing Pilates for several years. All of them are super friendly, challenging and detail oriented.
  • There are classes available for all levels.
What people say about Nancy Wallace Pilates:

Garage, Private Lot

11 Instructors

Contact for more information in regards prices

Conscious Body Pilates in Madrona 

Photo from Yelp

Conscious Body Pilates was founded in 2005 by Heather Scearce and her husband in 2004. Heather left her career in corporate training to pursue a STOTT certification in Pilates instructions. When people feel stronger in their bodies, they experience better results and more fulfillment in their lives. Strength for Life is this studio guiding philosophy. At Conscious Body Pilates they believe that the more space created for health in their lives, the healthier they become. The studio long-time clients have found that investing in private appointments with an experienced trainer is the most effective and fun way to create that space and achieve that result. Every feature of the studio: services, equipment, facilities, membership options, people and the network of referral partners is designed to support the client’s investment in achieving greater health.

Reasons why people love Conscious Body Pilates:
  • The studio is specialized in private and small group classes.
  • The instructors are highly knowledgeable, skilled and challenging.
  • the studio contains everything you need and nothing you don’t.
What people say about Conscious Body Pilates:

40+ Classes/Week

9 Instructors

Contact for more information in regards prices

Studio 45 in University District and Fremont 

Pohto from Yelp

Sarah and Beth founded Studio 45 in 2016 after they discovered the Lagree Fitness method, this method gave the two friends the inspiration they needed to create such a beautiful space where 45 minutes is all the time you need for a great challenging workout.
At Studio 45, they create a positive and welcoming environment where your fitness and health is the number one priority. Each class is performed on the state of the art Megaformers with no more than 10 people per class, allowing their certified instructors to give you the attention you need.
You will be challenged at each and every class, as no two classes are ever the same.

Reasons why people love Studio 45:

  • The studio is well organized and super clean with great Lagree Fitness equipment that offers you full body workout, high-intensity, low-impact to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • The instructors are amazing, challenging and knowledgeable.
  • All classes are centered on the MegaFormer.
What people say about Studio 45:


80+ Classes/Week

13 Instructors

Intro Offer


unlimited month

Monthly Unlimited


10 Class Pass


Triune Pilates in Magnolia

Photo credit: Triune Pilates

Donal Kavanaugh started Triune Pilates in 2010. The studio is specialized in Body Arts and Science International Pilates. Donal chose BASI because its the most academic and scientifically sound Pilates educational system. Triune Pilates offers the safest, most adaptable, and full body program that consistently produces the highest quality results for the clients.

Reasons why people love Triune Pilates:

  • The studio is very calming and clean.
  • The instructors are knowledgeable, experience and always clear.
  • the studio specialized in private Pilates,
What people say about Triune Pilates:

80+ Class/Week

8 Instuctors

Intro Offer



1 Class



10 Class Pass



Seattle Pilates Collective in Greenlake and Ballard

Photo from Yelp

Nathalia and Jake founded Seattle Pilates Collective in 2017 to break away the norm. The owners believe that Pilates has a great ability to change lives, as they believe it’s going to change your too. Moving right will positively impact all the areas of your life.

Reasons why people love Seattle Pilates Collective:

  • The studio is such a beautiful modern space with a great style.
  • The instructors are super friendly and know exactly what you need to reach a great workout.
  • If you are new to Pilates the instructors will help you to develop the building blocks of movement in the right safest ways.
What people say about Seattle Pilates Collective :

50+ Classes/Week

10 Instructors

Intro Offer



Monthly Unlimited


8 Class Pass


Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio in Auburn


Photo from Yelp

Shelia, the certified STOTT Pilates instructor established Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio in 2012. For Shelia Pilates was an awesome cure to heal her low back issue and make it stronger and flexible, this alteration inspired her to inspired her to study Pilates and the human body further so that she could help others feel the same. Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio mission is to bring positive change to each individual despite their current physical abilities or age. The studio wants to enable the clients to find the best balance of strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness. This balance of mind and body allows them to improve their lifestyles and achieve their goals.

Reasons Why people love Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio:
  • The studio is beautiful with a ton of different classes.
  • The instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and inspiring.
  • The studio creates an excellent helpful and encouraging environment.
What people say about Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio:

60+ Classes/Week

30+ Instructors 

Intro Offer


unlimited access

Monthly Unlimited


10 Class Pass


Bodycenter Studios in Ballard

Photo credit: Bodycenter Studios

Kristi and Mellisa formed BodyCenter Studios together in 1999. In their beginning, they started as a small team 4 instructors in a tiny studio, in that small space, they were able to teach private and semi-private and achieve their dream for offering Pilates instructor training. Today, BodyCenter Studios offering private, semi-private, group classes, Pilates instructor training, massage, and physical therapy.

Reasons why people love BodyCenter Studios:

  • The studio provides the highest standard of Pilates excellence and movement instruction in a warm welcoming and supportive environment.
  • All of the instructors are knowledgeable about movement and always combine a mix of exercises to suit your needs,
  • BodyCenter has clean components of the total body healing center.
What people say about BodyCenter Studios:

10+ Classes/Week

15 Instructors 

Intro Offer


Single Class


private instructor

10 Class Pass


Emerald City Pilates in Belltown

Photo from Yelp

Emerald City Pilates is a beautiful boutique studio started in 2010. The studio is an appointment-only studio offers private Pilates sessions, duet Pilates and massage therapy, just you and your instructor. Based on your abilities the instructor will create a STOTT Pilates workout specific to your body needs. 

Reasons why people love Emerald City Pilates :
  • A beautiful, clean and welcoming Studio.
  • Your instructor will start the session with a check-in to needle the session based on your abilities.
  • The staff and the facilities help you to make your fitness dreams come true.
What people say aboutEmerald City Pilates:

30+ Classes/Week

4 Instructors

Intro Offer


3 private sessions

8 Sessions


duet sessions

8 Sessions


private sessions

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