Fitness is not immune to fads. We’ve all seen the commercials advertising workout equipment that won’t be used at all. Here are the worst fitness trends of all time.

# 1.The Shake Weight

The Worst Fitness Trends of All Time

This is probably the most popular fitness fad. The Shake Weight went viral after its release. Though we all had laughed at this exercise equipment, the creators ended up making $40 million in sales thanks to it.

# 2.Sauna Suits

The Worst Fitness Trends of All Time

Although these suits may just look like huge trash bag suits, they were intended to make people sweat out their excess weight. However, there’s nothing safe about them. Stay far away from this fad.

# 3.Vibro-Belt

The Worst Fitness Trends of All Time

No science has gone into the making of this vibrating belt. However, that didn’t stop it from sweeping the infomercial scene. You’re better off saving the $20, buying regular dumbbells, and doing time-tested exercises like curls, lifts, and presses.

# 4.Thighmaster

The Worst Fitness Trends of All Time

It may not have been a very successful product in terms of really helping anyone getting in shape, but the ThighMaster is one of the most memorable fitness fads of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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